20? Damn that’s crazy

20 huh? that is wild and scary. I do not know what to expect, is there a major thing I am supposed to do right now? Buy a house? Get a car? It’s all so new to me and it’s driving me insane.

I spent my last few weeks as a teenager wallowing in tears and drowning in my thoughts. For some reason, I felt like I was doing everything wrong. I was under a lot of pressure, I mean I was going to be starting my 20’s. I would no longer be the bekee who calls her mum whenever she has a minor inconvenience. I would now be required to think and do things like an adult.

Am I ready for that?

Let’s have a quick recap, shall we?


I was born. Did all that baby googoogaga stuff. Probably said mama before I said dada because she’s the superior one and I always had taste. Crawled and probably fell a lot while I was learning how to stand. I learned to eat by myself, started school and was probably the Nicki Minaj of class hehe.


Honestly, my memory isn’t that good so I do not know what I did till I was 10; I know it was fun though. 10? Now that’s a big deal. I remember that so clearly. I had a week of celebration. So many cakes, a party in school, church, and one at home. I played dress-up and wore so many costumes. I remember dancing with my family. 


Got into high school; a big deal I guess. I cried on my first day of school because I was in this big building with strange faces. Luckily, I wasn’t the only one crying that day. 2011-2012; another blur.


I remember it was my 13th birthday first time using an eyeliner. I felt so grown in my white lace dress and silver heels. I went to church and no one could tell me anything; hello? can’t you see that I have on foundation, eyeliner, and lip gloss?

I was a teenager. You couldn’t tell me anything. At 16 I had my first “scandal”. I got in trouble for sneaking out of the house. I had gone to see my best friend at the time and I knew there was no point asking for permission because I would have gotten a NO.


I got into college, battled with the darkest period in my life. I started a new chapter, a beautiful one. Met the best friends in the whole world. I became a straight-A student, built beautiful relationships with my professors and classmates. I became a plant mom; her name is Mina. 

They might seem little but these are very important to me. They are experiences that make me the woman I am.

So I don’t know what 20 has in store for me but I hope she’s ready cause I put up a good fight. 

2 thoughts on “20? Damn that’s crazy

  1. Ikr were teenagers just yesterday and now we’re in our 20’s. They’ve said it’ll be the best years of our lives so I hope you have a lot of fun and excitement on your journey ❤


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