Someone once told you that life was a book with many chapters, well this was an exciting yet exhausting chapter for you.

For the past few months, you’ve been in a different reality, almost like you were trapped in another body and forced to live. There was little to no form of life in you. From feeling like a complete loser to the little rays of hope, you persisted. It was a battle you had to fight on your own, a dreaded river you had to paddle across on your own. Because no matter how hard you tried to explain, no matter what words you used, you just couldn’t get people to understand.


“When are you dropping new content?”

“You haven’t posted on your blog for a while noware you okay?” 

These questions, like a lake of lava, were your nightmares. They terrified you, made you feel like you weren’t trying hard enough.

Sometimes you wanted to take people on a walk into your mind so they see for themselves; how hazy it is in there.

“It’s okay, the best of us usually have these blocks

” It’s going to stop soon.”


It didn’t seem like that to you though. This was something that gave you life, your color pencils in this book called life. It felt like your voice was snatched. You had so many things you wanted to say, but you didn’t know how to articulate your words. You wanted to try new things but the chains of anxiety stuck to you like a second skin


How do you explain when you do not understand it yourself?

So you just existed, waiting patiently for the next time you bloomed. You shut out the pressure of the outside world and the voice of anxiety. You stopped struggling to find your voice. You decided to listen for the peace in the quiet.

Now you’ve discovered the beauty in your silence, you know your voice will always find its way to you regardless of how long it wanders away on its journey

You did it! Proud of you