Dear Sofiii,

To the little girl who would dream so big they would call her crazy

The little girl who would often frown at her belly in the mirror

The little girl who was so concerned about her rough skin

The little girl who found comfort in her mother’s smile

The little girl who witnessed her mum get physically assaulted

The little girl who didn’t have every material thing growing up

Yet, had the wealth of a beautiful family





To the second strongest woman in the world I know

To the woman who burns with a passion

The woman who loves like she hasn’t been hurt

The woman who although she falls, she stands up stronger

The woman who has chosen to see the color in this monochrome life

She doesn’t let the average mind stop her

“NO” is a push to work harder

Everyday she works towards being a better her

She smiles without fear of the future







To the woman whose future would be beautiful

The woman who is going to positively impact every soul she meets

The woman who in love will build beautiful relationships

The woman who would have a beautiful family

The woman who will set new records in her career field

The woman who even in death will be remembered for greatness


Happy Birthday Sophia.

10 thoughts on “Dear Sofiii,

  1. Happy Birthday to you. Wishing you a truly awesome new season of life. May all your dreams come to pass


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