“And one day she discovered that she was fierce and strong, and full of fire and that not even she could hold herself back because her passion burned brighter than her fears.” Mark  Anthony – American singer and television producer.

Despite being deemed the weaker gender, who much isn’t expected from, women have continually fought for their spot in different sectors of life and so In honor of International women’s day, I am going to appreciate some of the strong women who are doing so well in their respective fields and who inspire me so much.



Sofiyyah A.

Atayese Sofiyyah Olayemi is a food blogger who has managed to transform her culinary skill into art ; she has shared so many of her mouth-watering recipes with her followers on her social media. She seems to have something new up her sleeves each time she posts on her Instagram. If you are looking to update your cooking book, then her Instagram page is the one for you.


Blogger,  Fashion Designer and Creative Director of Reverie Woman, Eniola Babarimisa is a Nigerian youth who has decided to take the world one post at a time. She has a blog, SightsByNie ,where she shares sights of places she visits and details on those places ranging from the scenery to the services provided : I for one can tell her blog has helped me discover new places to visit. Apart from being an effective blogger, Eniola is the creative director of the upcoming clothing line Reverie Woman, a clothing line that believes a woman’s outfit portrays a powerful picture. Eniola has overcome the challenges of a young entrepreneur while also handling her academic work. Asides being a hard worker, Eniola is a very supportive friend, she is always there to listen to your bad days and offer solutions.  Eniola Babarimisa is one name you should look out for in the book of the Greats.

The Odditty

Known for her free spirit and very contagious smile, Sofiyat Ibrahim  believes everyone should embrace their odd side. She preaches self-confidence and happiness.  She owns a blog – The Odditty – that is rich in diversity and varies from beauty to everyday life. Sofi, is known for creating quality content while also keeping her supporters entertained with her dance parties and mini rants : With Sofi, every time is a time to smile.


Beautiful legend, Nifemi Akande is a youtuber and the founder of styledbynifss. She is not ony beautiful on the outside, but also on the inside. Nifemi is known for supporting other content creators while also dishing out quality content. She is beauty and the brains and  has made it known that she is going to leave a mark everywhere she goes.

JTO Fashion

Temi Otedola is known not only for her wealthy background, but also for her many inspiring fashion statements. JTOFashion is my go to site when i need something captivating yet inspiring. Temi has a book club and has also placed a mark in the beauty industry. She is also known for taking bold steps when it comes to styling pieces ; she doesn’t hesitate to try new things and that courage makes me want to take risks.

Westafrican Queen

She’s the brilliant mind behind customnaija, a brand that showcases the beauty that is africa, she exudes elegance and strength. She is a lifestyle blogger and content creator. She is known for trying bold hair colors and they always look good on her.Her page is my go to when I need to feed my eyes.


The Kookoorere

Omotorera TKR  recently started her youtube but she puts in a lot of work to ensure she puts out quality content. Her dedication inspires me. She’s known to use her platform for political issues and issues that affect the woman – which is the main thing that attracted me to her.

Little girls with dreams become women with a vision.”

My mother

Excluding the fact that she is a wonderful mother, she makes a good best friend and support system. Known for a fact that the economic state of Nigeria is in a crisis, she doesn’t allow it stop her from making me feel like the queen of the world. For the past 18 years, she has taken up the role of both father and mother and has been the only constant in my life. Her loving spirit illuminates the lives of people around her. She inspires me to better version of myself and go for what I want without caring what the world thinks. I can sit here and type so many things about this woman but I am very grateful for her wise words and support.


Mary-Jane Igwebuike

We met online on a group chat and ever since we’ve been friends. MJ – as I always call her – has helped me make some important decisions. She supports me but that’s just one of the things I admire about her. Mary-jane is a strong woman who despite her personal issues and flaws sees the beauty in things and is always positive about life. She promotes self-love and body positivity.



Adeoluwa Remi-Afonja is a writer and a youtuber, but amongst all that she is a friend. She own a blog and has so many inspiring posts. Ade has taken pride in her skin and doesn’t hesitate to show off her popping melanin. She is always there to listen and support you in ways she can. I am proud of the woman she is becoming.




The MDollas to my Badgalriri ; we grew up together and people would often call us twins. We’ve been through it together, from quarrelling over petty things to crying and praying together. We often refer to her as the Naomi Campbell of the house seeing as she really has an interest in modelling.  She is very tolerant, welcoming and kind. These attributes make her loved by people around her.




Amin Ameen is the founder of #EverythingNa(is)Art and ThetribecalledENA – a common ground for creatives from everywhere.. Grams, as we usually refer to her, has so efficiently handled managing the tribe while taking care of her son. She has formed not only a community of creatives but a family. She finds a way to engage us post after post ; it’s with pride that I say i am a member of the tribe.


Ediris Corner

Ediri Obor was my senior back in high school and she always had this aura of control around her. Few years later, she has transformed into a very motivating young woman. She owns a blog where she talks about adulthood, her style, inspirations, and her faith which we don’t really see much of. She always has something positive to share, is not afraid to share her opinions on controversial topics and is a wonderful writer.



Here’s to strong women : may we know them , may we be them, may we raise them.


Here’s to every woman out there working to make a place, create change empower the woman : Happy International Women’s Day.


  1. OMG. Thank you so much. This is so beautiful. I love you. You’re one of my biggest inspiration. Keep doing you. The sky is your stepping stone🙏❤️😩😍💋

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  2. Omg, thank you so much boo. This is so amazing, I woke up sad and this just made my entire year. I’m so happy to see you do well and all the ladies you posted are amazing and so beautiful 😭.
    You inspire me sof, to do more. Happy international women’s day. I can’t wait to see the amazing woman you become. Love you a whole lot ❤️🥵

    Liked by 1 person

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