Face beat using beauty store make up products

As a college student, you want to look good and popping without breaking the bank. I shared some drugstore/ beauty store makeup dupes earlier this year and today i did a face beat using some of them.

Products used

  • Rkbykiss “no more blemish” foundation in the shade Honey brown.
  • Kiss faux eyelashes “Au Naturale 01
  • Nica k “Nude 9″eyeshadow palette
  • L. A girl pro concealer in the shade “Warm Honey
  • Mary Kay setting powder in the shade “Bronze 01
  • Black Radiance Creme Contour Palette “Medium to Dark”
  • Zaron eyebrow filler
  • Colormate mascara
  • Nicka K liquid eyeliner


Usually when I do my makeup, I don’t go all out, I just do the basic routine and that’s that but this time for some reason I wanted to do more than just the normal routine. So here’s how it went this time :

  • I started by doing my brows with my zaron brow filler and highlighted beneath my brows using the L.A girl pro concealer
  • I went ahead to conceal and set my eyelids using the L.A girl pro concealer and Mary Kay setting powder respectively.
  • After setting my eyelids, I used the Nude9 eyeshadow palette using the second and third shades from the left
  • I then fixed my faux kiss eyelashes and used my liquid eyeliner followed by my no more blemish foundation
  • To contour, I used my Black Radiance Contour palette. The Black radiance palette has a pictorial instruction right on the cover that shows you how to apply it.
  • I contoured my face,and did the necessary blending then went ahead to set my face using the same setting powder
    Lastly, I blended it all in for that flawless finish and applied my rosehip oil lipgloss
  • The look
  • Thank you Bev❤️, love you 💕💕
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