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Hey y’all, trust you’ve been fine and life has been treating you right. I’ll be starting a look book sorta thing in the style category of the blog where i’ll be sharing where i got my outfits, how to style them differently and the links to where i got them from online.I’ll also be giving my looks random names that describe the look or how i feel 🙂

Look 1 :if i don’t give them, how will they take it?

picture of the outfit

Outfit Details

Purse : gotten from a store

Top : gotten from a store

Pants : thrifted

Shoes : Black heels

Pink trench coat: thrifted by my mum


I was going for something simple but classy and cute and this popped into my head. I decided to try it on and see how it would look, I liked the look but i wanted to be sure it looked right so I called my style adviser (my mum) to know what she thought about it and she liked it.

Other ways you can wear each piece of the outfit.

If you do not want to wear it together like i did, you can take pieces of this outfit and style them differently.

The shirt can be styled with

  • jean skirts or pants
  • shorts
  • if big enough can be used as a t-shirt dress with sneakers or booties

  • The pants can be paired with
    • a crop top and sandals or sneakers
      a baggy top
      a shirt
      a wrap top
  • The coat can be worn with
    • a t-shirt dress and booties or sneakers
    • a dress
    • hoodie and boyfriend pants
    • a turtleneck top and pants with heels or sneakers
    • a t-shirt and pants with pumps
    • a shirt and skirt with heels or booties.

    There are many other ways they could be individually styled other than what i listed above,i just shared a few of them with you.

    special thanks to maryjane for helping bring this alive and to onsay for knowing how to take my pictures 🥰♥️

    Thank you for reading. Please don’t forget to share,like,comment and follow for updates.


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