My day 2

Day 2 was Saturday 25th of August. Victor had promised to take me visit the Osun groove in Oshogbo. We woke up early and dressed up. We went to a nearby restaurant and ate breakfast. From there, we took a bike to the Osun Forest. We toured the entire forest…..i must admit I was scared at some point because the forest has an eerie feeling about it. We took pictures…..against my wish because I hate taking pictures. My pictures always turn out ugly.

We fed monkeys. There are lots of monkeys in the forest and joined other tourists in feeding them. We bought palm wine from locals selling at the forest and left for the Osun Priestess home. She was attending a party so she couldn’t tell us the story behind the Osun forest.

We left her house and headed to the market. We toured the market and by 3pm, I could hardly stand on my feet again. I was beat so we headed back to the hotel. We stopped by the same restaurant, had lunch and headed back to the hotel.

We got to the hotel before 4pm, we showered and slept. I woke up hungry and realized we had slept for over 6 hours! The time was 10:40 pm. I was so hungry, I was almost crying from the pangs of hunger. I went to the hotel reception to ask if we could get food but I was told their kitchen had closed for the night.

I came to the room dejected but Victor said I shouldn’t worry that he would cook us dinner. So he brings out his cooking utensils and made pasta! I went to the bathroom to cry….why pasta! I don’t eat pasta and didn’t know how to tell him after seeing all the stress he went through to make me dinner. He was whistling to himself whilst cooking and I felt really bad because I knew I wasn’t going to eat the pasta. He served the pasta after cooking and called me to come eat, in my mind I was thinking of ways to not eat the dinner. Well, I took the first spoonful of pasta, closed my eyes, put it in my mouth and just swallowed everything…..I opened my eyes to see him watching me intensely…..and I forced a silly smile and said ” very nice”.

He took the cutlery from my hands, looked deeply into my eyes and said ” why didn’t you tell me that you don’t eat pasta because I have never seen someone swallow pasta like you just did”. I told him I didn’t want to hurt him by not eating seeing he went through a lot to get the food ready. Still looking at me, he said ” you don’t have to pretend just to please me. I will make coffee for you”. He cleared the plate of pasta, led me to the bed and said I should wait for my coffee. He came back in about 7 minutes with a steaming cup of coffee. I drank the coffee grateful to have something to put in my stomach.

The night of day two was the most beautiful. After dinner, we showered and got into bed and we talked…..i mean we really talked for the first time. I never realized I was bottling so much inside of me and that I had been living with so much baggage, pain and hurt. Victor is easy to talk to…..a look into his kind eyes and I opened up about my past….the abuse, torture, torment, pain, rejection, suffering, hunger….the days I worked on construction sites, the days I worked as a house cleaner, the days I washed corpses at Ikeja General Hospital, the days I had no money to buy sanitary towel and had to use nylon for my periods, days I went hungry, days I borrowed clothes to go out, days I avoided attending parties or events because I didn’t match up to my friends, days I took my bath with detergent because I couldn’t afford bathing soap, days of not having anyone to help or call a friend. I didn’t know when I started crying while telling him my story but I felt lighter when I finished my story. I told him about my fears….if I would ever be loved and love again. He didn’t say a word…..he just held me in a very warm embrace and his eyes looking sadly and softly into mine told me all I needed to hear. I honestly didn’t know when I slept off……..and for the first time in a long time…….i slept like a baby held in the arms of a man that has shown me so much love.

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