Trying a new skin care routine / Spin Brush Review

I decided to try a new skin care routine that focuses mainly on getting rid of acne and making the face smooth.

For this , I reduced the amount of processed products I usually use  on my face and stuck to natural ingredients. Most of the things i used for this skin care routine are affordable and easily accessible. I thought to share (update) you on my skin care routine because a lot of people seemed to like the first post on my skin care routine.

Things needed for the routine

  • NATURAL shea butter
  • Black soap : There are so many companies making black soap out there, but not all are natural. When getting your black soap you want to wood the processed ones because the natural one has ingredients that have their own benefits. I used “DUDU OSUN”because I’ve used it before and I loved the results, also because it’s made in Nigeria and i have to represent.
  • Peppermint black castor oil which can be replaced with lemon oil or original black castor oil. I won’t advise people with sensitive skin to use the lemon oil because it’s a bit harsh which is why i didn’t use it.
  • Spin brush which I got from amazon for $7.99. It came in a pack (obviously) with 5 heads used for different purposes.

It didn’t come with batteries so you’d have to get yours (AA batteries). I’ve been using it for a while now and to my surprise it’s still working fine. Honestly, I didn’t expect it to last this long considering the price and other reviews on amazon.


  • I wash my face with the black soap using the spin brush for about 2 minutes.
  • I let my face air dry but I don’t let it dry completely because I need it to have a little moisture.
  • I put a little amount of shea butter on my palm and add about 3-4 drops of the peppermint black castor oil then mix and apply it to my face.

This is not guaranteed to work for everyone, simply because we have different types of skin and I can only say what works for my skin ; to see results you need to be consistent and make sure your brush or anything you use to wash you face is kept in a clean place.

3 thoughts on “Trying a new skin care routine / Spin Brush Review

  1. i have oily skin and that’s what i use(peppermint black castor oil ). it’s mainly used to treat acne which is what i’m currently battling. what type of treatment are you asking for


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