Dear diary,

Part 1

Someone really close to me started writing again and decided to share her writing on my blog. There’s a new part of the blog called “DEAR DIARY” it’ll contain features that are in form of stories or letters. This was named “DEAR DIARY” because before I changed my blog name to “the sofiii” it was formerly called diary of a unicorn. I hope y’all enjoy this new part!

Wednesday 25th July was like every other day. I woke up to the sound of my alarm at 4am but I wasn’t in the mood to rush off my bed and off to work. I reached for my alarm, turned it off and curled on my bed and returned to dream land… what was I rushing off to anyways.

I woke up by 5:30 and left home an hour later. Traveled the same route to work. I got to Obalende and boarded a tricycle to my office. Few minutes to my office, the rider of the tricycle stopped to pick someone, I didn’t pay much attention to the new passenger. I was lost in my own thoughts. Then I heard a voice say good morning and I turned to respond and I found myself starring at the most beautiful, bright and expressive brown eyes I have ever seen….not that I have seen brown eyes before. I tried but I couldn’t look away……it felt like he could see my soul. I still don’t know if I responded to his greetings…….it was a surreal experience for me. Finally, I tore my gaze away and then noticed he just didn’t have beautiful eyes, his smile was like a blooming flower…natural and warm. I felt so drawn to this complete stranger. I was acting very awkward and I guess he noticed cos he looked at me and said ” my name is Victor. Can you take my number?”

I was relieved he asked because I didn’t know how I would have asked him for his contact. I took his number and I alighted from the tricycle. I added him to my contact as soon as I got into my office and sent him an eye 👀 emoji on Whatsapp. He responded with a smiley 🙂 emoji and we hit it off immediately. I had an instant connection with this stranger. We talked, laughed, argued and shared ideas & experiences.

Our main means of communication was Whatsapp and we kept this new found friendship alive. I must say I got him really upset not a few times but this angel always forgave me and we forged on like we never had any issues. I longed to see my mystery man again and when I finally summoned courage to ask him that we meet again, he told me he had left Lagos. I was heartbroken and hurt he didn’t tell me when he was leaving. He found it amusing that I was upset that he left without informing me and I had to admit that I care about him.

My mystery man kept traveling through small towns and villages. . I have to tell you a bit about my mystery man. His name is Victor, a Spainard touring the whole of African on his bicycle. He rode from Spain to Africa on his bicycle. He loves Amala,ewedu and gbegiri. His favorite Nigerian is Penalty by Small Doctor. I always pray that God will keep him safe. He got to Oyo and I wanted to visit him there but it wasn’t to be…..he cut himself and so couldn’t move around. I had to wait two long weeks for him to heal and get back on his feet. He left Oyo and set out for Oshogbo. He said to me ” come see me in Oshogbo or Osun and I answered most definitely.”

He got to Oshogbo on Thursday 23rd August . On Friday, 24th Auguat 2018, I left Lagos on a rainy day to Oshogbo to be with my mystery man. I didn’t feel fear……going to see him seemed the most peaceful thing I have ever done. It was a long, long verily long journey. The traffic was horrific, the weather wasn’t favorable but nothing could break my resolve. I was going to see my mystery friend after a month of chatting with him about almost everything.

I was drenched by the rain, slipped and fell and got my dress stained with mud. I was exhausted and famished…..i hadn’t eaten anything all day but the moment I entered the hotel room and saw his brown eyes again, I felt like an angel who just started to fly…….words can’t describe how I felt at the moment. We stood for a second, looked at each other and he closed the distance between us, drew me in his arms and it felt like home. At the exact moment, I knew this was the man I had been waiting for.

You want to hear what we did after the embrace…….sorry I’m not telling. That’s for us to cherish. Being with him was all I imagined and much more. DidI tell you he has a amazing sense of humor, an extraordinary intelligence? He taught new things, opened me up to new experiences which I’m not sharing with you….. I’m keeping them really close to my heart.

He made me dinner. I showered and we slept in each other arms and nothing felt better.

End of day one….day two coming up shortly.

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