Hey, welcome to another blog post. This time I featured a friend of mine to give his own opinion on the topic.

I’ve always wanted to share my two cents on how i view social media but i thought to myself “why not ask someone else to share what they feel?” and so i reached out to Razaq and luckily for me, he agreed to share. Enjoy.


Social media was created so people can share fun moments and capture memories , however, social media has sadly turned to a place of internet trolls, cyber bullies and a lot of negative people and vibes. Am i saying everything about social media is negative? No, there are definitely people who use social media as a tool of positivity.Some people have built a name for themselves using social media, so many have business outlets on social media and some just post pictures of them having fun. While the positive exists, the percentage of the negative to positive is 60 to 40

We live in an age where people battle with depression and little self-esteem. Yet, instead of having more pages that encourage people, we have more shade pages with a lot of followers and interactions. You would be surprised to see how quick people are to tear each other down in comment sections, saying a lot of mean things to each other. Some go as far as using physical flaws against others.It’s bad enough that we have people who are intimidated by a lot of “public figures” on social media, creating these pages only makes matters worse. I’ve seen a lot of pages that promote cyber bullying, and while it is “fun” to the owner of the [page and the people in the comment section we forget that these people humiliated are humans and have feelings as well. Nobody after being humiliated would pop bottles and celebrate. Some go off social media because of the humiliation. What is actually the gain? The thousand comments? The traffic that comes to your page ? The likes? Is it worth making someone feel like committing suicide? If someone hurts you instead of taking the issue to these pages have you tried trashing this issue personally? have you reached out to the person ?

This is a generation that comes together to bully people yet we can’t maintain this energy when it’s time to promote our friend’s business or uplift another person. Do y’all know that the same time and energy used in trolling someone is the same as when you leave a nice comment and support people?


Social media, we all have our perception of it, everybody with different views on it. But I believe that it’s not as negative as we all portray it as, don’t get me wrong, it’s as adverse and harmful as anything else on the planet cos of its toxicity but I believe we all dwell on the negatives a bit too much.
The thing is, personally I think that social media as a construct is somewhat of a mirror on like society and people and shows like things we really feel and are but are uncomfortable displaying in person to the public.
There’s this sense of comfort or security that people feel when it’s them behind the screen.
The thing is, as much as we all want to form hard guys or try to deny it, social media is a major part of who we are and it’ll continue to be.
It’s made the world truly a global village.
As much as I’ll like to be the optimist and positive thinker, we can’t omit or block out the negativity of it all.
The fact that it’s so far-reaching is the biggest challenge of all because it literally has no boundaries and anything you put up on the internet, even if it’s just once, can’t ever leave.
We tend to say and comment on things we see and never place much thoughts on the effects that they might have on people. Sometimes we’d hide behind “it’s my opinion” and that’s the worst of the lot, the people who believe that their opinions are facts. Same as the people who feel that saying how they “feel” is the right way to go without ever thinking of what happens next or how it impacts other people.
The environment of social media is actually a pretty scary place, where people don’t care about hiding their racist, homophobic and gender discriminative thoughts. Sometimes I wonder how people think or live with themselves.
On an ending note, I believe we should all try as much and hard as possible to always put out positive vibe and positivity no matter how little it is, show off your self as long as it’s not pretentious, support your friends in all their endeavors that need to be put out there for the masses and generally just be good human beings.

Thank you for reading. Please don’t forget to share,like,comment and follow for updates.

You can reach razaq on his Instagram @razaqisaaa


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