So the met gala was a few nights ago and the theme was “Heavenly bodies”. Different celebrities came in their respective outfits but only a few followed the theme. I would be sharing some of the looks of celebrities who actually followed the theme and slayeddddd.

  • Rihanna

It’s not news that wherever rih goes she makes her presence known. She’s known as a risk taker in the fashion industry and has won “best dressed” at the met gala for 6 years straight.

She left us in awe when she arrived dressed as the pope looking heavenly.

  • Zendaya

She arrived at the gala late but it was worth the wait. She was dressed as Joan of arc and she BODIED IT. She was my best dressed.

  • Nicki Minaj

Dressed as the bad guy like she said on her new single “Chun-li”. The rapper arrived in a custom Oscar de la Renta liquid dègradè red sequin gown representing the ” sinful devil ” while giving us some bloody vibes .

  • Chadwick Boseman.

Unlike most men, Chadwick took a risk and conquered reminding us of why he’s the black panther. Our pope from wakanda didn’t come to play

  • Ariana Grande.

Our sweetheart showed up to her first ever met gala wearing the Sistine chapel. She looked really simple but very gorgeous .

  • Lana del Rey

Dressed in Gucci, she represented Mother Mary and the seven sorrows

  • Lilly Collins

The starlet was seen channelling a gothic nun.

  • Jared Leto

He came through serving modern Jesus looks.

  • Blake Lively

She might have arrived late, but she definitely made a scene with her appearance. She arrived in a crimson dress, embroidered bodice, bejeweled straps, and a train so long it needed a party bus transportation.

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