Essentials that should be in your purse.

Hi y’all, welcome to another blog post. Whenever you are about to leave the house it is important to make sure your purse contains all the things you might need while you’re out. You never know when an emergency pops up, so you have to make sure you have something to use when you’re in that situation.

  • Lip gloss.

I take this out with me so I look presentable always and so my lips can always stay popping and glossy.

  • Menstrual pad.

I personally take this everywhere because I don’t know how to calculate when my period is going to come visiting and I don’t want to be a walking blood bank so I take it everywhere just in case little miss red decides to say hello.

  • Mints & Gums

You don’t want to open your mouth and be responsible for someone passing out ,so you might consider taking these out so you can have a fresh breath throughout the day.

  • Wipes/ Tissues.

During the day , your face can get a bit greasy due to different activities. use these to freshen up.

  • Headphones.

I never forget to take these out for the times when you don’t want to speak to anyone on the bus or anywhere.

  • Hair ties & Bobby pins

It might not seem necessary but you never know when you’ll need one. Keep a few extra in your purse always, you’ll be glad you did.

  • Hair brush

It gets windy and your hair is flying about , looking a mess. Be sure to have a mini brush so you can put it all in place.

  • Bandages.

In case you have a cut and you want to clean up the cut to prevent it from contamination.

  • Pain reliever

Might not be used all the time, but it’s better to have it just in case the need comes up.

  • Portable charger ( power banks)

They are one of the biggest essentials. keep them fully charged.

  • Small mirror

Will be very useful when you want to reapply you gloss or check if a piece of food is not stuck between your teeth.

  • Hand sanitizer.

You will definitely come in contact with people and different things < car doors, cash, e.t.c..> lets not forget there are germs everywhere. To avoid touching your face with a hand full of germs , you can quickly take out your sanitizer and use it.

  • Wallet.

The most important obviously. contains cash <so you don’t get cash-stranded>, your id and other things that you might want to put in.

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