JEANS: How to switch up your style and places you can wear them to.

When it comes to clothes, I think jeans are the best and deserve all the love and affection we can ever give them because they’re very versatile and they can be styled in different ways that give you different vibes for different occasions. You can wear jeans to a date and look cute, you can wear them to school, to work , to a concert, they are just lifesavers and a blessing to a girl’s wardrobe.

With the right sass and girl sauce ,you can turn the most basic pair of jeans into a fashion statement.

You can wear them to a date.

If you’re going on a date that’s not too formal and you don’t want to wear a dress , a jeans would be your best bet because you get to style it with that top you like or that jacket and still look super cute for your date.

When you’re going to school.

I really don’t think any college student can escape this category because basically that’s the ultimate lifesaver. You get to wear any color , style < ripped, boyfriend , high waisted>.

On a day when you’re not really feeling it , you can just throw over a hoodie and wear your sneakers and you’re set to go.

You can switch it up for a more “baby girl” look with jean skirts

These are my fave because it gives this trendy girly vibe that’s just too cool. You can wear it with sandals , heels , sneakers, boots, basically anything depending on your choice or mood.

You can wear jeans < either pants or skirt > to a concert since you’d want something trendy but very comfortable so you’d be able to dance and have fun without feeling restricted.

When you’re going to work you can pop a blazer on your jeans and look chic. You can also wear this to a date that’s not formal.

On a “not so cold but cold enough to stay covered” day you can pair your jeans with oversized sweaters

During winter you can wear long coats with your jeans

If you’re going for an all denim look then you can pair your denim with denim

The “oversized tee” is a trend that’s pretty cool to me < I rarely like the “fashion” that trends nowadays >

My go to style when I want to feel a little bit girly is the crop top and jeans

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