My skin care routine.

A lot of people have requested a skincare routine post , so here it is y’all.

I feel so hyped sharing this because back then I used to have a lot of skin issues, reactions and all but look at God, your girl’s skin is popping.

Before I go on , you should know that we all have different kinds of skin so what works for my skin might not necessarily work for your skin.Therefore,before you begin using any product, you must understand your skin and know if any of the constituents of the product can harm your skin

  • Have a regular wash routine. Wash your face twice a day and during the day ,try to reduce contact with your face. Don’t use harsh soap on your skin because it can strip your skin off it’s essential oils.
  • Exfoliate. You shouldn’t exfoliate everyday, therefore, exfoliating twice a week is fine. You can get exfoliating scrubs from stores, but if you want the pictures of the scrubs I use then you’ll see them below .

  • Having a separate towel for your face is advisable. I don’t do this but whenever I wash my face I let it dry itself , not completely though. While my face is still damp, I apply my body cream or moisturiser.
  • Do workouts and drink water. Honestly, I know the drinking water part sounds cliche but it works. I never used to drink a lot of water, but since I started drinking water I hardly worry about breakouts because your girl’s skin has been popping.
  • Moisturise regularly. You can use whatever moisturiser or body cream you have. You might decide to use shea butter or natural oils < coconut oil and the likes>.
  • If you’re a make-up person you might want to take a break just to allow your face breathe.
  • Wash your face thoroughly when you use make-up. You can get make-up removal wipes to help remove part of the make-up before washing.
  • Treat yourself to facials at least once a month.
  • Avoid the use of soap on face
  • Take warm <not hot> showers
  • Stay away from toxic people and environments.
  • Eat your fruits.
  • Sleep at least 6-7 hours

Thanks for reading, don’t forget to share it with friends.




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