Night out / Review of Nando’s / Black Panther

Sorry this post is coming late , was supposed to post it a long time ago but I was out and busy so I wasn’t able to post.

It was a friend’s birthday and it happened to be on a Monday, we wanted to celebrate but we also didn’t want something too exhausting because obviously there was school the next day < even though we ended up not going >. We decided to go to Nando’s and you know just chill and all. We had a reservation for 8:30, but you know as girls we were a bit late because we were contemplating on what and what not to wear.

I was going to wear a shirt and jeans but they wouldn’t have it so they made me change into a dress. Eventually , after spending almost an entire year getting ready ,we got to the restaurant a little late and we were immediately directed to our table. The waiters were nice and professional. I wonder why they let us in at that time knowing they were closing in less than an hour.We were asked to place our orders and I had Portuguese rice and 1/4 peri peri chicken breast / wing.

The food was so nice and the atmosphere was beautiful . We had the yoghurt which i liked a little too much.

It was a wonderful time there, nice reception and all that good stuff so it’s a thumbs up from me.

Exactly beside the restaurant , there was a cinema.We decided to watch black panther because everyone seemed to be talking about it. We got black panther in 3d tickets and went in to watch the movie. It was beautiful but Michael b Jordan was more beautiful , I’m not a fan of superhero movies ,however, I didn’t sleep while watching black panther .

I loved their accent and wakanda was very beautiful, all in all it was a nice movie just a bit overhyped to me.

We got an uber, went home and knocked out. We didn’t go to school the next day because we woke up late. I didn’t regret that because i had a nice night.

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