My encounter with a pedophile.

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Like I promised, I’ll be sharing my encounter with a pedophile. For those coming across the word pedophile for the first time it means someone who has a sexual interest in children.

It was a regular weekend and my roommates and i just wanted to unwind and escape from school work. They decided to go to a party, now trust me I’m not the party type but I just couldn’t stay at home alone < remember I was new and had no friends >. I followed them to the party and tried as much to enjoy the party; it was okay i guess ,i didn’t really enjoy it because i’m not a party freak. The party had ended and we were on our way home when this man called me, it was obvious he was Nigerian <from his outfit >. I went to meet him because clearly he was older than me,and i didn’t want to be rude by not answering him. I went to meet him and he said he liked me and wanted me to be his girlfriend. I was surprised and disgusted at the same time. I had heard about pedophiles but I really didn’t expect a Nigerian to be a pedophile, neither did I ever see myself being a few inches away from one. I told him my age so he would be aware that I was way younger than him and even after telling him my age, he still insisted on having a relationship with me.

He was with some of his friends and they happened to be pedophiles as well because they said something about “catching a fresh fish .” I had already requested an uber after the party but the uber was taking so long to arrive because the venue was on the other side of town. He offered to take me home, saying that I did not have to wait for the Uber, but i knew it was just a way of trying to know where I lived so he could come back. I rejected his offer while i was waited for the uber. I made sure I was in a place where people could see what was going on and where it would be easy to call for help if he tried anything funny. He offered again and I rejected , by this time I was already afraid because he became very violent. I had made up my mind that if anything was going to happen or if he tried to do anything that I would have no choice but to hurt him <Nothing serious, just self defense >. He and his friends offered me drinks laced with alcohol but I refused because i knew he was trying to get me drunk so he would have his way with me without any struggle. He started coming close to me, trying to touch me and just as he was about getting close, my uber arrived and I could literally see my spirit screaming for joy.

I got in and slammed the door against his face. Finally at peace and on my way home to get rest, i decided to sleep for a while in the uber when I saw his car following us.My uber driver – who already knew the story- also noticed and took another route ; the road was pretty dark and my Uber driver was really fast so in no time he lost track of us.

I got home that day and was just grateful to have escaped such a disgusting situation and that nothing more happened.

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