A time with THE PEN

Hi guys , I saw this very beautiful article and I thought “oh how beautiful would it be if I shared it “. This writer ; The Pen, has put words together to create something beautiful and also unique. Enjoy the article below.



Absolute void

Complete nothingness

Is all you left.

Lies spewed out of those sweet lips

And my naive self fell victim

Believed every treacherous word!
Your eyes showed all you felt,

Or was that just me imagining things again?

I saw you as a god

I perceived your greatness and put all my trust in you.

I thought you were *it* for me.

I gave you all that a woman could

And more.

You took it all graciously

Or so I thought.

Yes, took. Cos that’s all you ever did.
I gave you my heart

To keep safe

My only gift.

But I watched you crush it to ashes

As I told you the result of your insistence.

You coaxed me with lies

And I gave you all!

Why then do you reject the consequences of your actions?

The one smile that could light up the world,

Destroyed me.

Those eyes that could brighten up the worst day

Decapacitated me.

I was left an empty shell housing your own.

How was I to face society?

How was I to survive?

We’re you that selfish?

My once burning light had been completely extinguished.

Suicide was not an option.

How was I to put a smile on my face?

I was too weak for a facade.

How was I to face those who gave me life?

I was a broken thing.

I had a voice, but I couldn’t speak.

What have you done?
Nine months after and I am worse.

I have lost myself

Without my consent.

I gave life with nothing but emptiness. I got accepted after all

But I couldn’t accept my own.

Depression set in.

Nothing worked.

You finally succeeded

You broke me!

I almost gave up.

The same smile that destroyed me,

Gave me life.

The same eyes that burned my soul to the ground,

Lifted my spirit.

I wept.

For the first time in over a year,

I realized that Big girls cry!

My laughter came back.

My pain was replaced with joy.

My ashes for beauty

The heaviness was lifted by those big brown eyes

I healed!

I found my solace.

I struggled. You wound me down

But now I’m free.

I cannot forget.

But for that very fact

I am stronger!

You can only love once so you still have the ashes left of my heart.

I am not discarding you.

There really are no winners when the die is cast.

There’s only tears when it’s the final chance.


My journey with you was so short

But you showed me things I wasn’t capable of learning in just a short span of time.

I’ve burned the pages.

I’ve set you free!


Thank you.

For without you, never would I have realized the pleasures life could bring.

Never would I have felt the all consuming pain.

Never would I have faced the ever deceiving fear.

Thank you for showing me that even the broken can heal. With time.

They say that your darkest hour comes before your dawn.

Well this is my breaking dawn.

And now, though I’m not complete;

No. What you took can never be returned

But I’m not broken

Just bent.



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