Soffss and a make up artist

Hi guys, you all might be wondering ” oh what an interesting topic”, well yes. I’m very glad as well as honored to be interviewing this person. If you’re a make up person or not, if your girlfriend is a make up person or not this article is a must read. Sit back and enjoy the interview with this very promising lady.

Kindly introduce yourself
Hey guys, I’m Lolade Adedayo Abina and I’m almost 18. A makeup artist, a writer and a soon to become blogger. I’m not In school yet, however this year by his grace I’ll like to study Mass communication in University of Ilorin.

What made you go into make up ?
While growing up, I always loved art. Drawing and painting, even though I don’t do that anymore. I had a thing for colours. Mum usually brought home colouring books. I got a lot of glitter and crayons as birthday presents from people. Later on I attacked my mum’s make up bag. She noticed I loved applying lipgloss and the likes, so she got me my own little purse of minimum make-up. The passion wasn’t strong till high school graduation. On getting to the hall , I saw different types of face beat ; the good and bad ones. My make up artist noticed my love for make-up and told me to go into it.

Who is (are) your role model (s)?
My first role model is my very best friend; Dolapo ,but she doesn’t know. She’s a self taught make up artist . My second role model is Ronke Raji, I’m literally obsessed with her. I follow her and have watched all her YouTube videos. Fan much. Lol

What are the challenges you face in the make up industry?
The challenges, wow. Well everybody faces one challenge or the other. One challenge I have is FEAR. When I get a job or contract, I start having what if’s ,I get scared thinking ‘ what if I can’t do it?’ , ‘ what if they cancel?’, ‘what if they don’t like it?’. Another challenge is getting contracts, I mean we’re in 2017 , 75 out of 100 can make themselves up, so getting a job could be quite difficult.

What make up products do you love most?
I love all, but my favorite of all time is Milani. They have good and affordable drugstore products. I have all their products. Finally, I love Revlon.

Kindly share some make up tips
I’ll prefer to say it in Do’s and Dont’s

Do’s- Makeups can be very delicate, however, you should know the products that suits your skin to avoid your skin from spoiling. Always Clean your makeup tools too. Explore different makeup brands. Always blend the products on your face to avoid creasing. Use a primer suitable for your skin(Oily, dry and normal skin) which excludes Milk of Magnesium(M.M) because its used for extra long lasting stay i.e Wedding makeovers Treat your face regularly to look naturally beautiful.

Dont’s- NEVER sleep overnight with Makeup on your face to avoid breakout.

Have more than 2 makeup brands in your kits. Change your lip kits yearly to avoid lip rash. Do not shave your eyebrows off. Do not apply to much products on your face. Do not use a base(foundation) that is lighter than your face(to avoid colour conflicts with your neck), however, I advise you blend your foundation to your neck.

What words do you have for people that want to go into make up?

3 words: Go For It.

Thank you ❣😏

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